Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The verdict on Sweet Potato chips

I came home from work and my sweet potato chips were done.  I did a taste test.  I decided the chips without oil are fabulous.  I just sprinkled a little salt on them and they taste great.  The ones with oil taste okay, but they are not better than the oil-free version, and I'm getting plenty of fats from nuts and avocados at the moment, so I'm happy to keep my chips healthy and oil free.

Here's a picture of the non-oiled version.  I used "yams" this time and they tasted much better than the white "sweet potatoes" that I used last time.  I will definitely make these again!

I was up late last night because my adrenaline was so high after a little scare with my dogs when they tipped over the treat jar and not only ate half a bag of treats but also bit into the "Do not Eat" oxygen absorber that was packed in with their treats.  I ended up calling animal poison control.  Long story, but they are fine, however I don't want to stay up so late tonight to soak the cashews for the cheesy onions, so I'll do those tomorrow.  The onions are sliced, so I don't want to wait too long to make them, but I think they'll keep just fine until tomorrow.

Tonight I made a marinara sauce for dinner to top some zucchini noodles that I already had prepared.  That was delicious, but I'm very interested in trying Kelp noodles.

I've seen reviews of Kelp noodles on Amazon where the reviewer said that the price charged online was outrageous given the Korean grocery store in NYC (H-Mart) has them for about $3.  Well, there is an H-Mart across from my office, so I headed over there to look for Kelp noodles.  Navigating any section other than the produce section is a bit tricky for me since I don't read Korean!  But I was able to find a bag of Kelp noodles and two bags of "Sea Tangle" noodles.  (the type of seaweed, not the brand).   I wasn't sure if sea tangle is the same as kelp - I suspect it might be.  But since I was not sure I decided to get the 1 kg bag of Kelp Noodles.

Now I need a nice recipe idea!!  I really like the pesto and marinara on zucchini noodles, so not sure if I want to change that up.  But I'm thinking maybe a pad-thai sauce might be nice for Kelp noodles.  But I'm really open to suggestions. I'm going to want some variety if I'm going to eat a whole 1 kg bag on my own.  I hope I even like these!  but if not, it was really just over $3, so no big loss either way.  I hope I like them though!  I will let you know.

Please feel free to post sauce ideas for me in the comments!

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