Sunday, April 10, 2011

Chocolate Mousse Martini with Strawberries

My sister saw Sheryl Crow on the news yesterday where she was talking about this raw vegan recipe from her new cookbook …”If it Makes you Healthy”.

Scroll down this page for the recipe:
*note the vanilla and almond extacts I used were not technically raw, but they were delish!

I had this for dinner ... well, I might make something else, but right now, eating just half of this martini glass I am STUFFED.  It was sooo rich and delicious.

I also tried out my new juicer this morning - I made carrot apple juice and it was amazing. I am a big fan of the Omega VRT 330HD.  I love that it takes very little counter space and was super easy to clean.  I might make some more juice tonight to drink in place of any additional dinner and put the remainder in the fridge for tomorrow

My only complaint really is that carrots make SOOO much pulp.  I was shocked.  I have a little of it to the dogs with their breakfast.  I am thinking of dehydrating some to add with their food to help them feel more full.  They love apples and carrots.   With the rest of the pulp, I plan to make some veggie burgers. I'm going to start on those soon and put them in the dehydrator for a few hours.    I figure I can put my cashew cheese on top.  Maybe make a bun with romaine lettuce leaves and put a tomato slice in there too ... YUM!!

I bought a LOT of produce between yesterday morning and today, so I'm going to have to make some juice in the evenings after work this week - don't want it to go bad.  :-)