Saturday, April 30, 2011

Benefits of Raw & Eating a Plant Based Diet

I saw the trailer for this movie earlier in the week and I thought it was worth sharing. It is for the movie "Forks Over Knives" which seeks to explain why a plant based vegan diet is the best way to prevent disease and further, how consuming animal protein is a leading cause of most of the illnesses plaguing our western civilazations. It's a short two minute trailer:

In case you're looking for some validation of the benefits of a raw diet, I also stumbled upon this article which was a footnote in a blog post I read earlier this week. I thought article was really useful and helped validate for me why I embarked on this raw journey more than 43 days ago.

The article is a quick read:

I was busy in the kitchen today making zucchini pasta (with gray squash), fudge balls and cheesy onions. I've got an early morning tomorrow so I'll post more about that tomorrow, including my review of my spiral slicer vs. a julienne peeler.

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