Saturday, April 9, 2011

Taco Salad and Kale Chips

I still haven't figured out what to do with those Kelp noodles ... I guess I will bring them to work and have a salad with them maybe ... and perhaps make a creme sauce with them, but I really was hoping to stay away from nuts for a while - nuts are in so many raw dishes!

Last night I made some Kale chips.  Just simple ones with olive olive oil, garlic powder, salt and cayenne.  They turned out great!!  I might have to walk to the local produce market tomorrow and make some more - I'm thinking these may not last all that long:

For dinner tonight I mad a taco salad.  Nothing too fancy - just used some of the corn chips I made from the tortilla recipe, some of the cheese, guacamole and salsa.   It was delicious!!   My favorite part was dipping the corn chips in the cashew cheese - so good!!!

And - my juicer came this morning!!!  I went to the market to get produce this morning. I got three pounds of carrots, some celery, beets, apples, some ginger.  I forgot to get greens but I have to start somewhere right?   Tomorrow I am thinking I might just start with carrot juice -maybe add some apple as well.  I got beets - I think I *should* want to juice them.    I can't even tell you I don't like beets - they are one of those veggies that I never really gave a proper chance.  I had carrot beet apple juice once before - about 10 years ago - and I remember it tasting like dirt. I've always blamed that on the beet.  But I want to give them another try.  I think maybe I'll just add half a beet to get used to them.

Well, you'll be hearing about my juicing adventures soon ... !

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