Friday, April 15, 2011

Kelp Mac 'n Cheese

I opened the Kelp Noodles today.

I opened the bag, rinsed them, and let them soak for 30 minutes in water, sea salt and the juice of one lemon.

I took a taste of one of the noodles before adding any sauce to them.  They were interesting.  The look a lot like plastic, but when you taste them they have no taste at all.  When you bite into them, they are crunchy.  Sort of like if you could make a noodle out of jicama how I'd expect it to crunch.

I decided to use some of my cashew cheese sauce to make Kelp Mac 'n Cheese.  The noodles really don't have any taste to them, and very few calories as well.  They are pretty filling.  In fact, I could not finish my whole dish:
The jury is still out on them.

The were "okay" ... I guess in a pinch if I really wanted to have noodles and didn't want to bother making them from zucchini, then I might buy them again, but I think I prefer the zucchini noodles.

That said, my bag was a 1kg bag ... so I'll put the left overs in the fridge (I had a lot of leftovers!), and I'll give them another try this weekend.  Maybe I'll try them in a pad thai sauce - I hear they are really good for pad thai.

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