Sunday, April 17, 2011

Day 30!!! Thoughts

Today is day 30!  It's hard to believe. It went really fast. 

So what are my observations?
  1. I've not really lost any weight - but that is probably my fault for getting my dehydrator so early on - the dehydrator makes it much easier for fats from nuts to sneak into my diet.  
  2. I feel like I've lost weight regardless what the scale says - my pants are definitely a lot looser
  3. I haven't gained any weight!
  4. I feel better. I have so much more energy.  I cannot believe it's just around 2:00 on Sunday and I've already accomplished so much.   I have a lot more I want to accomplish and I don't feel like just sitting around ... I want to get up and get it done. 
  5. I'm less achy.  Before I went on raw I could not believe I could be so ache-y already at 43 ... it was a reality check for me because I'm NOT old.  If I felt like that at this age, how will I feel when I'm 50 or 60 or 70 ...  That said, I'm less achy, but do still have some aches and looking forward to those disappearing in the future.
  6. Being 100% raw was a lot easier than I expected it would be
It's sort of odd, initially, I thought I'd do this 30 days and then go ahead and allow myself some indulgences after the 30 days ... maybe just do 90% raw. 

I think I will still allow myself the chance to eat out and have some foods that are not raw, but I'm going to stay Vegan/Gluten-free and try to eat as much raw as I can.  I think that makes a huge difference too.  So going forward, 95% raw, but that 5% will be a rare occassion where I'm eating out or an emergency when I don't have any raw food with me.

So all in all, I think this experiment was a great success!

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