Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Still amazed at the power of raw foods

Today at work, my colleague mentioned that Christie Brinkley looks amazing for 57.  They wondered what she ate to look so fabulous.  I said, I'll bet she's raw, or at least vegetarian.   I did a little Googling, and sure enough, she is vegetarian:


So interesting that I was having that conversation today at lunch time and when I came home and logged into facebook, I saw this video posted by Uncooking101.com.  I don't really remember Sunny Griffin's name, but her face certainly is familar to me.  According to the video, Sunny was the "original" super model and guess what?  She's 70!!!

This is actually the second of a two part video but this one goes into a lot of detail about how Sunny's vegan/raw diet has helped her continue to look and feel so young at 70.   If you have a few minutes, I encourage you to take a minute to watch it.  It's inspiring.  I am bookmarking this video and if I ever have any doubts that I'm on the right path staying raw, I'm going to watch this video. 

I haven't needed to prepare a lot of food the last couple of days - just my green smoothies that I have for breakfast.  I've been having raw tacos for lunch and cucumber salad with Kale & Avocado salad for dinner.  I get the Kale and Avocado salad from whole foods - it's delicious!

All that said, I'm having tacos for lunch again tomorrow but will need to think of something for dinner - it might just be another green smoothie.  But tonight I took out the mandoline and sliced some onions and sweet potatoes.  The mandoline is sort of a pain to clean, so I cut them both although I'm only dehydrating the sweet potatoes tonight.  I think the sweet potatoes will fill up the dehydrator anyway.   Tomorrow, I'll make the cheese sauce to make cheesy onions. I cut up three medium size Vidalia onions because the large ones don't fit in the mandoline.  My sister and coworker really like these so I'll share some of my goodies with them once they are done 

The sweet potatoes are a little tricky.  I've cut them and have them soaking right now to remove the starch, but I'm confused about whether I should coat them in oil or not.  Alissa Cohen's book "Raw Food for Everyone" does not mention oil (although it mentions vanilla beans which I do not have).    I like the idea of leaving out the oil if I can because I'd rather cut out the extra fat.  But I want to make sure they turn out nice and crispy and almost all the other videos and recipes I've seen include coating the chips in olive oil.  so, I think I will do most of them with salt and pepper and no oil as Alissa has in her recipe (minus the vanilla beans), and then I'll try to put a little oil on some of them and dehydrate them as well so I can decided how I like them best.

I'll let you know how they turn out!


  1. Hi Lani,

    I have some regular sweet potatoes. How did you make the chips? Is it as easy as mandolin and dehydrate? How long did you dehydrate them for?

  2. I just sliced them, soaked them for a couple hours to remove the starch, then put them on the dehydrator sheets and sprinkled a little sea salt on them. They were delicious. Even my co-worker who is a chip fiend enjoyed them. :)

  3. Slice at the thinnest setting