Thursday, March 31, 2011

Juicer & saving money on produce

Even before I saw the trailer for "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead," I have been thinking of getting a juicer.  It'd be nice to make carrot juice, and green juice that does not get diluted with water.   That movie trailer is pretty compelling for the power of juicing!

Anyway, on the advice of one of the Raw Food Talk forum members, I went online to look at the YouTube videos uploaded by  The videos were so helpful.  This one in particular really helped me figure out what juicer I wanted for myself.

Based on this video and a couple others that I watched.  I decided I want to get the Omega VRT 330 HD juicer.    They seem to have it at Bed Bath and Beyond.  The name on Bed Bath & Beyond doesn't say HD in the name, but the description says Heavy Duty, so I assume they quit making the non-HD version.   Anyway, I have a 20% online coupon for Bed Bath and Beyond so I decided I am going to take the plunge and order it tonight.  Then I can even do juice fasts for a couple days, which I think would be great for me!

Speaking of juice - you need produce to make it and I've discovered two great sources of produce lately that are so much cheaper than the big grocery store chains.  First there is a little neighborhood produce market that is walking distance from my house.  They are small, but have a great selection of produce at good prices and I really like to support the neighborhood businesses.

Next, there is the Korean grocery store across from my office.  I hadn't been there before today, but I went in today and WOW!  They had Thai young coconuts for about $3.99, and they even had Durian, and the price of much of the produce was so much cheaper than I am used to paying, so I am thinking I might just go there after work a couple days a week to get my produce.  That way I can buy it just before I'm going to use it and minimize waste.  I'm really excited to have discovered this place.  I am wondering if they have Kelp Noodles - I've got to ask because I really want to try them.  They did have another sort of sea vegetable noodle - I think they were called Sea Tangle noodles. I actually just googled and it looks like they ARE actually Kelp noodles.  So I'm excited.  I'll do a little more googling.  If they are, and they are raw, maybe I'll buy a bag of them to try over the weekend. They were very thin and transparant - they looked like glass noodles. 

No super new exciting recipe discoveries today - but I do have some more corn tortillas in the dehydrator.  I plan to make them crispy this time and use them as chips that I can dip into Salsa.


  1. Aaha! You figured it out :))

    Hope your tortillas turn out well.

    Mmmmm yes try sea tangle. They are awesome, especially with raw alfredo sauce made from cashews!

  2. Thanks! I also just ordered my juicer!! Yippee!! Saved $60 on the Omega VRT 330 with my 20% Bed Bath and Beyond online coupon. :-)