Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 5!! (a confession and more)

Today I need to start with a confession.  I slipped.

My coworker who is one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet (in his 70's, formerly retired, super active) came into work today with macaroons, but not raw ones.

I ate one. OMG!!! It was delicious, but must have had regular sugar in it because it did a serious number on me. I was on a total sugar high after I ate it.

I stopped with that one and I won't have another.  I didn't want to make him feel bad because he made them especially for me and my co-worker.    I haven't eaten anything with real sugar in it for almost two months, so I guess the fact that ONE cooked macaroon can affect me that way means the raw diet is really working!

Anyway ... Onward & upward!!  :-)  

Today I came home to two fun treats.

First, my dehydrated goodies were ready for me.  They are mighty tasty!!!  I have to apologize for the poor color in the pictures.  They were taken with my iPhone.  Unfortunately it's and older generation without Flash, so we'll have to make due until June when hopefully iPhone 5 will be out and I can post better quanlity pictures.

Onion Ring Snacks:

Cheesy Kale Chips:

They both have the same cheesy sauce from the recipe I linked to yesterday.  They are both delicious!!

Two things I noticed ...

1) the onion snacks I had before were more salty than these and less cheesy.  I think I might tweak the onions again if I were just making onions.  Ani Phyo also has an onion ring recipe which I think uses buckwheat or something to create the crunch.  I might try that in the future too.

2) some of the kale stems are tough.  I thought they'd be okay but they weren't.  Next time, I would cut some of the bigger leaves and remove the stem in the bottom part of each leaf as you can't really chew them.

Still, they will both be great snacks when I want something crunch to snack on.  I plan to have the onions on a topping for salads and I'm also going to bring both to share with my coworkers tomorrow.

What a day.  And there's more !!

My other fun treat was the two new books that were delivered today  - Jennifer Cornbleet's "Raw Food Made Easy for 1 or 2 People" and Alissa Cohen "Raw Food for Everyone."    I'm a bit sad about the lack of pictures, but both have some good recipes I want to try.  The main reason I got Alissa's is that I joined a Raw Food Forum which has been great (, and it's Alissa's forum.  The forum is definitely a lot about her recipes and her philosophy so I thought it'd be helpful to get the book.  She does have nearly 100 pages of just information about raw foods which will be great to read.  And over 300 recipes on top of that. 

Speaking of the raw food forum, one thing that really struck me today is how great it is that I've built myself such a wonderful support system around raw foods.  I think that is critical for me in making this work.  I tinkered in raw food last year but it never got anyway.  I think the differnence is that then I was really on my own to a large degree, and I think the support is so helpful!   Raw Food Talk is a good place to start but I also a network of wonderful people who listen to my challenges and weigh in with advice when I ask them.   This is so important so thank you, Linda, Mercer, Lisa, Eryn, Alison, Iris and anyone I've left off.  It's wonderful to be surrounded by people who want to help me succeed.

Tonight I am planning to make Macaroons to try making sweets in the dehydrator.  Pictures tomorrow if that happens.

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