Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 6 - Macaroons!!

Last night I made macaroons.  I wanted to make Chocolate Banana macaroons, but I couldn't find a recipe for that so I just found a recipe and did my best to adapt.

This is the recipe I cam up with:
  • 2 cups of dry coconut
  • 1 ripe banana, mashed
  • A bunch of raw cacao (maybe 1/2 a cup??)
  • Coconut oil to make it sticky so the ingredients can be mixed together

After mixing all the ingredients above I added some almond meal until it made a nice scoopable mix.  I probably put in about 1 cup, but if you try this, you should add gradually and stir in until it seems like it a good consistency to put in the cookie dough scooper.  The recipe makes about 16 macaroons & they need to dehydrate at 105 for 3 hours.

The aroma while they were dehydrating permeated my whole house ... it's was heavenly!
Here's a picture of them - I added dehydrated tart cherries to the top of some of them - I was thinking banana split macaroons, but I decided I needed sweeter cherries.  If I try this again I'll cut them into small pieces and put the little pieces inside the "dough".
I brought half the macaroons to the office and my coworkers really liked them too!
By the way, I am really liking Alissa Cohen's second book "Raw Food for Everyone".   That said, I am a little overwhelmed by it - it's just packed with information but I'm really glad I got it.  I think of the five raw "cookbooks" I have, it's the only one that really goes into the benefits of raw food to explain why it's a good idea.   I hear her first book is great too, but I can only buy so many books at one time and the other book is about 7 years old so I decided to order the newer one. 
Anyway, there are 97 pages of just information, plus 300 receipes, so I'm definitely going to read it.  She has a ton of different juice recipes too.  And her recipes seems to be written quite simply.  I don't have a juicer right now, but I can see getting on in a couple months.  I just want to spread out the big investments a little bit.  
I was looking at the recipes in "Raw Food for Everyone" and there is a recipe for "Eggplant Bacon".  I think this weekend I might make some dehydrated "bread" and "eggplant bacon".   I guess I'll need to do Mayo too.  I'd LOVE a BLT!!! 

Tonight my dehydrator is busy dehydrating thin slicked sweet potato chips for me and thick slicked sweet potato treats for the dogs.  We'll see how they turn out.  I just added a little olive oil to my thin chips.  It's an experiment.  Once they are dehydrated I might try adding a bit of cinnamon to them.  We'll see.    I hope they turn out good.

Tomorrow night I want to make corn chips and then maybe I'll have a big mexican salad with guacamole again over the weekend with chips and salsa.

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