Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 7 - Sweet Potato Chips

Sweet Potato chips are done!!!  I think they turned out pretty nice.

I didn't really follow a recipe.   I just took one large sweet potato and sliced it on the thinnest slicing on my mandoline.  The setting on mine is 1.5 mm, which is actually perfect for chips. 

The step that I missed, that I will make sure I do next time is rinse the "chips" under some water to remove the starch.  I didn't do that step, but just read that I should have.  I think they'd be even better if I did, but they still seem pretty good.

Next, (after the rinsing step I missed), I massaged in some Olive Oil, making sure each chip had at least a little oil on each side.  Then I put in the dehydrator for about 22 hours or so until they are really crispy.   My understanding is you cannot over dehydrate sweet potato chips.   I plan to save some to bring to work on Monday, so I might put them back in the dehydrator for a couple minutes when I wake up to make sure they are staying crispy.

No big dehyrator plans for this evening.  I think I might give my dehydrator a night off.  It's been serving me well ever since I opened the box.   The next thing I'll be making is corn chips and perhaps some bread and eggplant bacon.  Ever since I saw the recipes for Eggplant bacon I'm wanting a nice fresh BLT.  :-)

I guess I need to find a recipe for raw mayonaisse as well ...

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