Sunday, June 19, 2011

Summertime Creations

I am loving summer.  I am loving all the fresh produce that is so easy to get.

It's really strange too because the longer I have been raw, the easier it is. 

I have so much I want to share, but this would be a really long, unorganized post if I did, so I'll save some for next time.

Today, I just want to share with you some of the super simple creations I've been enjoying lately.

In addition to enjoying raw corn on the cob, I've also been adding corn to my lunch.   My avocados went bad so last week so instead of adding tomato & avocado to my zucchini pasta, I made a salad with the zucchini.  The dressing was coconut vinegar & olive oil, sometimes a touch of aminos for extra flavor.  And cayenne for zing.   This is super simple - no recipe needed - zucchini noodles, corn, spinach & fresh tomato.    I use frozen spinach and corn because it just makes it a little easier getting everything ready for lunch.  Then I just set it out for a half hour or so to ensure it's thawed before I'm ready to eat:

I wanted to make ice cream this weekend but never got around to it.  No worries though - I'm getting together with some friends next weekend and we have ice cream on the menu.  :-)

Instead of ice cream, I made a chocolate shake this weekend.  The chocolate shake recipe is available on   It's super simple and really tasty. 

I also made a watermelon drink today.  It's really easy - just blend watermelon & ice in the Vita-Mix!!

And finally, I tried Koren melon again today.   I posted a picture of the melon a while ago, but here's what the fruit looks like inside (cut up):

I've also been busy making granola and soaking nuts!!   I bought buckwheat and learned to sprout it.   I bought the buckwheat and sprouting jar/lids from Sprout People.   It was so easy to the sprout the buckwheat.

The picture above is buckwheat (in the mason jar) and walnuts soaking.   Sprouting the buckwheat starts after they've soaked for half an hour.  The walnuts get soaked for about 8 hours to remove the enzyme inhibitors.  Happily this also remove the bitter taste that the walnuts have.  I dehydrated the walnuts so now I have them ready any time for a healthy snack or recipe.

I also made some granola which I enjoyed for breakfast this morning with super easy cashew milk (so simple - cashews + water in the Vita-Mix = cashew milk.)

The granola recipe is super simple - soaked & dehydrated pumpkin seeds, dehydrated buckwheat sprouts and raisins mixed in some coconut nectar.  I also added some ceylon cinnamon dates and coconut shavings.  It was delicious.  I had some for breakfast this morning. 

So, while I haven't posted much lately, I am still raw & doing great.  I've just been busy.  Staying raw really does get a lot easier as you get used to it.  And trying new recipes really helps keep things interesting.   I have so many recipes I want to try that it's simple to stay raw.

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