Sunday, June 5, 2011

A nice raw southern meal!

Last weekend, I stumbled unto a couple YouTube videos for raw "fried okra"  Neither video really gave the recipe so I just did my best.

It starts with fresh okra, cut into thin slices.  I found some at a market right down the street. 

Then, coat the okra with some olive oil, add some ground sunflower seeds, then some ground flax seeds and seasonings. I used salt, ground black pepper, cumin, onion and garlic powders for the seasonings.  Mix everything all together to evenly coat the okra.  Taste test to make sure you're happy with the flavors. 

Here's what mine looked like before dehydrating:

I bought some organic Kale yesterday.  I got two kinds - one was green and not as tough as most kale. The other was red kale - it was red (surprise!) and was a bit tougher.  I decided to use some of both kinds and make a massaged kale salad out of it.  I added some thin sliced vadalia onions and massaged in some aminos & olive oil until the kale was tender.  It was really tasty!!!

I found some gorgeous red corn at the market this morning so decided to have the corn on the cob with my okra and greens ....

It was delicious!!


  1. Loved the "fried" okra. Just curious, how long did you dehydrate for? Only half of mine made it into the dehydrator and then my 2 year old and I kept pulling them out to eat them, so they never really got dehydrated just a tiny bit warm.

  2. I am glad you liked the "fried" okra! I must confess to also pulling a few out and trying them along the way. For the ones I had with my dinner, I probably let those dehydrated around 4-6 hours (until they were crispy). If you like fried okra, I can't imagine you'd go wrong either way. :)