Tuesday, June 21, 2011

String Beans

My co-worker Lisa is always having string beans for lunch.   I can't remember the last time I had string beans, but I'm guessing it was a Thanksgiving dinner a couple years ago.

After work I stopped by the Asian market across the street and they had a ton of string beans out, so I bought a bag.  These were not the cleaned up, cut up type of string beans in a sealed bag like you might get in a typical grocery store.  These were the bulk kind like my mom used to get.

String beans are one of my most vivid childhood memories!  I remember my mom sitting at the kitchen table with a big pile of string beans snapping off the ends and breaking them in half for our Sunday dinner.  Such a time consuming task, but she never complained.   Well, tonight I probably spent half an hour to forty-five minutes snapping string beans for dinner!

I wasn't really too sure what to do with them, so I bought some mung bean sprouts and portobella mushrooms.  I added those in with my string beans and added some thinly sliced massaged onions, olive oil and aminos.   The result was pretty tasty:

There were a lot of beans in that bag I bought, so I think I'll be having string beans for lunch for the next few days.  Luckily my creation turned out pretty good.

It got me thinking though ... I wonder if I could make a mushroom soup or gravy.  I was thinking I could potentially add some cashews and blend with the portabella mushrooms.  Or I could try Ani Phyo's recipe for mushroom ragout (in her book the recipe goes with polenta ...).   Anyway, I was thinking if I made a mushroom gravy/soup and mixed in with the green beans, I could then add my dehydrated onion snacks to the top to try to create a raw version of the famous Thanksgiving green bean cassarole!

I spent a lot of time in the kitchen tonight.  After the beans were finished I made a couple batches of the Rawvolution Famous Onion Bread.   I haven't made it in a while and I thought it might be tasty to eat with the string beans.  The onion bread will be finished tomorrow night.

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