Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sunburgers, onion bread and other goodies

Since last week got me a little out of my routine with juicing rather than preparing raw food, I decided to take it a little easier on myself.

This week I did make a bunch of zucchini pasta to bring to lunch or so I'd have something quick and easy to make for dinner. 

I had some of the pasta tonight.  I decided to try doing it a little differently and lined my pasta bowl with baby spinach and then put the pasta in the dehydrator at 105 to warm it up a little bit.  That wilted the spinach a bit to make it more tender.  I could have done it longer, but I think it was a successful experiment!!

I made marinara sauce for the pasta.  I wanted to keep it a little simpler and lo-cal to accelerate my weight loss path a bit.  I lost 5 lbs last week on my juice fast so I want to take advantage of that momentum.  Within the last two days at least three people have commented on how they can tell I lost weight and my face looks thinnner (yay!!!). 

Anyway, dinner was delicious.  I wish I'd have taken a picture to share with you.

Monday night I made some onion bread.  The onion bread just finished this morning since it takes a day and a half to dehydrate.  Besides the wraps and tortillas, this was my first attempt at making "bread".  I used the Rawvolution onion bread recipe.  I have the book, but you can find the recipe here if you want to give it a try for yourself. 

I had a little difficulty with this one since the recipe says to use the slicing blade in your food processor.  Well, I actually don't have a food processor yet so I used my madaline, but on a medium thickness.  I think I should have used the ultra-thin setting because when I went to mix in the olive oil, tamari (I actually used Bragg's), flax seeds and ground sunflower seeds, I ended up with a bunch of slicked onions and everything else in the bottom of the bowl - definitely not how it was supposed to work!  So I decided I had nothing to lose and I split the mixture into two batches, tossed them in the Vita-Mix and then mixed everything together to form a sort of batter.  It worked like a charm!!!!  The onions are not sliced like the pictures in Matt Amsden's book, but the bread worked out just fine and tastes amazing (although a bit salty).

Here's a picture of a couple slices:

Part of why I wanted to make the onion bread is I decided to do a little ordering of some already prepared raw foods and I ordered these Portobella Sunburgers from Rawbundant.  They look delicious and I can't wait to give them a try!!

Tonight I made a little extra marinara sauce and then added a few extra sun-dried tomatoes, a little apple cider vinegar, some chili powder and cayenne to make a zesty catchup for the burgers.  Since there wasn't too much left in the Vita-Mix, it didn't blend perfectly (I had to use the spatula a couple times to move the stuff back into the blades to try to blend it), but I think it worked out okay.  It actually sort of tastes like catchup.  :-)  Tomorrow I'm planning to bring a sunburger, the catchup & some onion bread to the office to have a burger for lunch.  I'll head down to the cafeteria and make a small salad to go with it and get some lettuce for my sandwich.  I can't wait for lunch tomorrow!!

I also bought a few other goodies from Rawbundant to add a little variety to my week - tomato flax crackers, raisin rosemary buckwheat crackers and granola:

The great thing about the Rawbundant products is that they are very fresh.  Zoe, the founder, makes them herself and everything is shipped out fresh.  The burgers are even shipped in an insulated package with ice packs.  I opened up the tomato crackers and tried them out ... they're very good!! I'll try the buckwheat crackers later.  I'm sure the granola is good, but I won't order it again - I was disappointed to see how little you get for $7.   Next time I'll just get the Kaia foods buckwhat granola (that I love) from Whole Foods.  That's $7.99, but you get 12 ounces.  I love their Cocoa Bliss granola!!

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