Saturday, May 14, 2011

Breaking the Fast

My five day cleanse went just great.  In fact, I can honestly say I was never hungry.

The first two days with the citrus seemed a bit harsh - the citrus was so acidic.  Hopefully it did it's job detoxing though.  Because I've been raw I really didn't notice any detox symptoms like last time I did the cleanse.

And the Cooler Cleanse was really tasty.  My friend Lisa recommended mixing a little cayenne pepper into the green juice ... YUM!!! What a difference.  The green juice was okay by itself, but a little bland.  The cayenne really kicked it up a notch.   Blue Print Cleanse's cashew milk is a lot tastier though than Cooler Cleanse's almond milk for that nice end of day treat.

This morning I broke the fast with some watermelon and ran some errands.  I had a Two Moms in the Raw bar from Starbucks when I was out running errands and then a little more watermelon before my afternoon yoga class in New York City.  After class, I talked my sister and friend into going to Blossom du Jour as it came highly recommended to me.  I had their raw burrito.  It was pretty tasty (although, I thought my raw tacos are a lot better if I do say so myself ...!!).  My sister and friend were not so excited by their cooked burritos so next time we eat out after yoga we probably won't be trying the other raw restaurant that was recommended to me and is near my yoga - Bonobos.  Hopefully I can make it there at least to get a little takeout.  I make it into the city so rarely, it's nice to sneak in a little raw excursion while I'm there.

Anyway, overall the cleanse was a success!! I'd do it again and I really do think that being raw before starting made a huge difference to me.

Oh, and I chicked out on the colonics and decided to save the money instead ...

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